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Sell your products in e-Atrio



  1. What’s the minimum order size?
    The minimum order can be composed of one or more products, assorted or identical. The sum of which can be found alongside the advertisement and pertains to the same Suppler User.
  2. Why is there a minimum order?
    This e-commerce is directed to small business (retailers), of which their level of business means that they must purchase a quantity of the same product or value to make the order.
    This way of doing business offers superior competitivity in relation to the value of the minimum order and the weight/volume of the package.
  3. How does the Buyer User acquire the minimum orders?
    Choose the desired advertised product and press the button to purchase. There you will find a clear and precise form which describes the merchandise, the technical specifications and the distinct comments realized buy other Buyer users.
    If you decide to advance with the purchase you should once again press the purchase button and the platform will ask you, before moving forward, to establish an email address.
    Once done, the system will show you the purchase details and you will be asked to press confirm; doing this you will be asked to provide your city and must validate your shipping address, telephone number, and any special instructions. Once done, you should validate your shipping address press the corresponding button and the system will continue and permit you to choose your authorized courier and the cost of logistics and delivery times to the shipping address registered. Once the Courier has been selected press confirm. Finally, pressing the confirm button, the payment method chosen. Concluding the payment process Will inform the Buyer User the amount of the operation and what it is comprised of to conclude the purchase.
  4. How long does the User Buyer have to qualify the purchase after it has been received?
    From the moment of reception of the package that contains the minimum order publicized and purchased, the buyer user has 72 hours (3 business days) to qualify the minimum order received.
  5. What happens when the User Buyer has not qualified the order received during the time established?
    In case the User Buyer has not yet coalified the purchase within the time established, their silenced is considered accepting and authorizing expressly to E-Atrio to transfer the price paid for by the User Buyer to the account cosigned by the User Supplier.
  6. Is there a limit to the minimum order?
    The same cannot be less that U$D 500 or more than U$D 2000
  7. Is there a weight limit?
    Yes, the package cannot be more that 70 kilos (154 lbs) of physical weight.
  8. Is there a volume limit?
    Yes, the package cannot be larger than 180 x 145 cm (70.86 x 57 inches)
  9. Who pays the cost of shipping?
    The User Buyer should choose and pay the shipping service (transporter or courier) with the end goal of receiving the package which contains the minimum order to the address stated by the User Buyer.
  10. Does paying shipping include insurance?
    Yes, Insurance is part of the shipping fee and is part of the value that the product is worth. Each carrier company we work with has their own set of terms and conditions.
  11. Returning a product?
    All purchases are irrevocable, unless…
    The purchased item did not match the product advertised. Exempt products are those that state that they are not identical to those in the images or publicity shown. In which case return of the same would not be possible.
    The return request should be sent to
    If accepted the purchase will be reimbursed, to which effect the User Buyer should indicate their account and bank to which they would like to have the funds reimbursed to and the direction to which the rejected minimum order will be sent.
    Notwithstanding, the User Buyer, can chose to have a new minimum order adjusted to the advertised, communicating with, in which case the remission of the correct minimum order will be paid for by the User Buyer. In which case that the minimum order was rejected it should be sent to the address indicated by E-Atrio, unless they wish to keep the rejected minimum order, in which case the User Supplier and User Buyer to the account indicated by E-Atrio.
  12. Can the User Buyer modify the minimum order?
    Those advertised are closed packages. But the possibility that the User Buyer has to build an order is open and should indicated to indicating the contents of said special order.
  13. Does the order pay taxes in the US?
    All purchases above U$D 800 are subject to taxation. These are calculated by the shipping service and are charged to the User Buyer at the moment of delivery of the package.