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In accordance with Act No. 25326 ´Protection of Personal Data´, and our own self-regulation policies, Atril de Arte S.R.L., CUIT (Argentine taxpayer identification number) 30-71595140-8, (´E-Atrio´), through this Privacy Policy desires to inform all the people (hereinafter the ´Users´) who use our E-Atrio Mobile App, the Websites, and/or, and/or any other digital platform that may be created in the future (hereinafter the ´Website´), about its personal data protection policy, so that Users determine freely and voluntarily whether they wish to provide E-Atrio with such personal data as requested, or as collected when Users access and use the Website.

This document forms an integral part of E-Atrio´s General Terms and Conditions. By accepting the General Terms and Conditions upon registration, User agrees to the policies herein contained.

E-Atrio may modify at any time the terms and conditions of these Privacy and Confidentiality Policies and/or the emailing practices. In the event E-Atrio decides to make any material changes to these Privacy Policies, E-Atrio will notify Users of such a decision by publishing an updated version of the Policies in this section, or by sending an email to them, or informing them on the home page or other sections of the Website to keep them up-to-date about the changes made.

In the event E-Atrio makes any material changes to the way Personal Data are administered, E-Atrio will notify Users of such changes by email, so that they can make an informed decision regarding whether or not they agree that their Personal Data should be used in that way. If you do not accept those terms, the contractual relationship will be terminated, and your Personal Data will not be used in any way other than that informed when such Personal Data was collected.

The Dirección Nacional de Protección de Datos Personales (Argentine Personal Data Protection Agency), the surveillance body established by Act No. 25326, has the power to deal with complaints and claims filed in connection with the violation of personal data protection rules. Such complaints or claims should be sent by ordinary mail to Arias 3751, 7th floor, Capital Federal, (zip code) C1430CRF, Republic of Argentina.


E-Atrio collects personal information about Users of the Website (´Personal Data´) through various means, such as, for example, the Website registration form.

Unless otherwise indicated, notwithstanding the fact that delivery of the Personal Data provided to E-Atrio is voluntary, failure to provide such Personal Data may affect the quality of the services provided by E-Atrio.

Users´ Personal Data are included in an E-Atrio´s automated file with a view to, among other things, maintaining an adequate relationship with Users, facilitating access to the service provided by E-Atrio; performing, managing, administering, expanding, and improving the services and/or contents offered on the Website, as well as with the intention of dealing properly with any query or request for information submitted by Users and, where appropriate, sending information about such E-Atrio services or activities as may be of interest to Users.

The Personal Data file of E-Atrio´s Users is located in the United States of America. Upon registering with E-Atrio, User confirms that they are informed of the location of this file, and authorizes the international transfer of their data.

Unless you give your express consent to the contrary, E-Atrio may deliver advertising, and send communications to Users for sale or other commercial purposes. However, newsletters occasionally sent by E-Atrio to Users will not be regarded as advertising or communications for sale purposes.

If subsequently, User wishes to withdraw their consent to receive commercial information via email or any other similar or equivalent means, User may give notice of such decision by sending an email to, without prejudice to the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition User is entitled to, and which User may exercise in accordance with the provisions of section 7 of this Privacy Policy.


E-Atrio uses cookies to identify Users who visit or use the Website, to remember the preferences of Users, and to provide personalized services, as well as to monitor the use of the Website. Installation, saving, and existence of cookies on User´s computer depends on User´s exclusive will, and cookies can be deleted from computer whenever User so desires. However, certain areas or services of the Website might not be available if this option is chosen.

By accepting this Privacy Policy, User consents to the use by E-Atrio of the information regarding the User as contained in the cookies deriving from the installation/use of the Website by User.

Furthermore, the Website may include cookies from third-party providers of services and/or contents. Users may accept or reject the use of cookies, and consequently, E-Atrio will not be liable in any case for any processing activities carried out by third parties in relation to the Personal Data collected through the cookies introduced by them into the Website.


A Web beacon is an electronic image, also called single-pixel (1 x 1), or transparent pixel, which is placed on the code of a Web page. The purpose of a Web beacon is similar to that of cookies. Additionally, a Web beacon is used to measure traffic patterns of users from one page to another in order to maximize how traffic flows through the Web. User and the visitor of E-Atrio´s Website know and agree that E-Atrio may use a tracking system through the use of Web beacons.


E-Atrio and its users do not accept any ´spamming´ behavior, consisting of opinions, questions, answers, or the unsolicited sending of emails. The indiscriminate sending of messages of any nature among E-Atrio users is absolutely forbidden.

E-Atrio may suspend or permanently dismiss those users who violate this policy.


E-Atrio can make the Personal Data or any part of them available to third-party service providers, such as, logistics service providers, other companies owned by the business group to which E-Atrio belongs, information technology companies, and payment service providers, such as Paypal, Webpay, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, which may be located in Argentina or in other countries, some of which may not offer a level of protection equivalent to that existing in Argentina, in order to facilitate proper maintenance and operation of the Website, as well as for the management of payments made by Users. Users expressly authorize the transfer of their Personal Data to said third parties, for the purposes indicated above.

In the event E-Atrio decides to disclose or share Personal Data with third parties that are not service providers or companies allied, affiliated with, or related to E-Atrio, the consent of Users will be required.


E-Atrio declares and guarantees that it will make at all times its best efforts to maintain and protect the security and confidentiality of the Personal Data, and that it will continue to improve the adopted security measures in line with any legal and technological developments.

E-Atrio must comply with all currently governing regulations regarding security measures applicable to Personal Data. Additionally, E-Atrio uses industry standards to protect the confidentiality of your Personal Data, including, among other measures, firewalls and Secure Socket Layers (´SSL´). E-Atrio regards its Users´ data as an asset that should be protected from any loss or unauthorized access. However, it is necessary to bear in mind that perfect security does not exist on the Internet. Therefore, E-Atrio will not be liable for illegal interceptions or violation of their systems or databases by unauthorized persons. E-Atrio will not be liable either for the undue use of the information obtained by these means.


Users are entitled to, and may exercise the rights to access, cancel and update their Personal Data, including their email addresses, as well as to oppose the processing thereof, and to be informed of any assignment made, all in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations. As established in section 14, subsection 3, Act No. 25326, the owner of Personal Data is entitled, after proving their identity, to exercise the right of access to them, within 10 (ten) calendar days as from the date he or she proved his or her identity, free of charge, at intervals of not less than six months, unless a legitimate interest is proved to that effect. For the rectification and deletion of personal data, the owner thereof may exercise such rights within 5 (five) business days of having proved their identity.

In any case, Users guarantee, and are liable for, the veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the Personal Data provided, and undertake to keep them properly updated.

Once registered with E-Atrio, Users may review and change the information they have sent during the registration process including:

• The user´s name and email address. Without prejudice to any changes made, E-Atrio will retain the above Personal Data for security and fraud control reasons.

• Registration information, such as:

In certain cases, E-Atrio will keep in its files Personal Data which User requested to be removed, in order to resolve disputes or claims, detect problems or incidents and solve them, and comply with the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions, for a period of time as determined by law. In any case, the Personal Data of a User will not be immediately removed from the E-Atrio files for legal and technical reasons, including security support systems. Therefore, it should not be expected that all Personal Data will be definitively deleted from databases.

Users may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition as regards the processing of their Personal Data, by means of a request sent to the following email address:


Once you are registered on the Website, E-Atrio will not sell, lease, or share Personal Data except in the ways as set forth in these policies. Notwithstanding that, User expressly consents to the total or partial transfer of Personal Data by E-Atrio to any of the controlled, controlling and/or related companies of E-Atrio, in any such way, at any such time, and under such conditions as E-Atrio may deem convenient. E-Atrio will make every possible effort to protect the privacy of the information. In the event that by virtue of a court order or any legal regulation, E-Atrio is compelled to disclose information to the authorities or third parties under certain circumstances, or in the event that third parties intercept or access certain information or data transmission, E-Atrio will not be liable for such a disclosure.